This truly is quite tedious.  When I captured the film I tried to get at least every other clip.  That was the plan…really, what I actually did was start the film and pause as quickly as possible and then used my windows clipping tool to copy it.  Then I pulled it into Photoshop  and used my lasso tool and refine image on the bird first before going back for the shadow.  Next I will use this image as my reference/guide when I design my peacock character to ensue the flow of movement is as accurate as possible.  The pics above are the landing sequence….next up, the actual flight.

I am learning a lot about peacocks in the process…like I think eventually this will be my new fairy queen 😉  not to mention there are quite a few I need to add shadows to.  The legs are so muscular and the wings elegantly massive.  I want to come back as a male peacock!

My mind is wandering out of control and patterns galore are roaming around my cob-webbed attic to the point where it took me an hour to notice the music stopped playing.  What a peaceful high…I really needed this.  Sure have a long ways to go on this project!  May have to take a break and start designing my bird 🙂 let’s see how long it takes me to learn how to link this to my first blog…ugh…so much learning as I go.