It’s not what you think.  I am a traditional artist that loves animation and knows practically nothing about computers and programming.  This is my third try to publish this post … It just keeps disappearing on me.  Just when I thought I finally outsmarted it by copying to a word document so I wouldn’t have to keep typing practically the same thing over and ALWAYS preferring the previous piece…when I went to paste it all that would paste was symbols that I didn’t recognize.  Lucky for me I’m too stupid to quit!

Digital art is so tedious – why do I love it?  For whatever reason I decided to try the rotoscoping technique; which involves taking still frames of a video to get better results of natural movement, in my case, of a peacock.  If you’ve never tried it what you do is use the still frames as a reference photo as you draw your subject so that you can get the movement just right in your stop frame scene.  Well I really haven’t gotten there yet because this is day 3 of using my clipping tool to get my “still frame shots” of a peacock in flight.  I have 156 very poor quality pcs (see featured pic above) that I have to smart sharpen just to see but they have what I need in the outline shape to help my animation come to life.  I can’t believe I am nerdy enough to say it but…..I’M LOVING IT….BORED TO DEATH BUT LOVING IT!  Will post the final animation and hopefully be able to say “it worked!”  Wait….does that mean I have to draw 156 peacocks? Come back to see step by step animation tips in my “Dear DAM (digital art movement)” peacock project.